Monday, May 28, 2018

Grumbles from the Sidelines

Lew has openly expressed his disdain for political parties on many occasions, since the Democrats are full of ideological moonbats and the Republicans are in an existential struggle for control between constitutional, limited government patriots and wolf in sheep's clothing oligarchs who've controlled the party for far too long. Of course, if we would all just shut up and run the country according to Lew, we would have happy, prosperous lives and our political masters could suck off the teat of our productivity unmolested.  It must drive the old goat insane that he's announced himself irrelevant to both parties, since he defines himself by his pursuit of relevancy.

Perhaps it's this pursuit that drove him to mumble this latest gem of incoherency.

No one is sure who exactly this is addressed to, since no one appears to be using veterans as "political pawns," but we are sure that if it was one of Lew oligarchical Republicans, he wouldn't be highlighting the issue.

These are strange words from someone who sought to immunize himself from political criticism by wrapping himself in the American flag and claiming that because he was a Vietnam Vet, he had some sort of moral authority that made it socially unacceptable to criticize him.  Never mind that Lew's sole contribution to the Vietnam conflict was to make sure the Jesus nut on a helicopter was tight, a job he could have just as easily done at Ft. Campbell, KY as in Vietnam. Lew was in more danger chasing tail down in the 'ville than he was at his duty station.

Should we apply this same sort of logic to known leftist kook and Korean war vet Ed Barnes, who routinely forces his idiocy on us in public comments to the County Council?  The next time that moron says anything that makes sense will be the first.

Lew is all about supporting veterans, except when he forgets that many of the people he derides and seeks to silence, among them David Madore, Frank Decker, Mark Engleman, Sean Emerson, Kelly Hinton and others, are also veterans.  But they not the right kind of veterans to be respected by Lew, just like they're not the right kind of Republicans.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cocaine is Okay, as long as you're Lew's sort of Republican

"We don't need no stinkin' facts!"

So, Crazy Lew, in a knee jerk response to a perceived attack on one of his cronies, graced us with this nugget of idiocy concerning the admitted drug abuse by Clark County Republican Chairman David Gellatly:

Of course, Lew is an authority, because he would never mouth off on something unless he had thoroughly investigated it. . .oh, wait, this is Lew we're talking about.  Let's see, did his wife claim that David used Cocaine? Let's have a gander at the public court documents. . .

Ah, shit, Lew, that's not an accusation by Davey's ex, that's HIM talking?  Lew, do you understand the difference between an accusation and an admission? In fact, his ex never had any intention of publicly accusing David of his drug problem, and expressed her surprise in her response:

But never mind, let's just wave our hands airily, after all only using it twice isn't something I'm concerned about because Davey is my kind of Republican -- i.e. he's pure establishment, and stands with me against those evil liberty minded republicans who *gasp* want the people to have a say in government!  Oh, the horror, can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if the rank and file American citizen were to be heard in the halls of power?

Christ, Lew, if this were even a slight rumor about David Madore, you would be calling for torches and pitchforks and a hangman'noose.  But since Davey Gellatly's your butt-buddy, never mind, pass the mirror and let's all do a line or two.

Where I come from, that makes you a fucking hypocrite, you sour old windbag.

And the same goes for you, too, Carolyn Crain.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Purge Him Before He Purges You!

The slaughter of the opinionated continues on Lew's newest little sanctum.  As the ship of David Gellatly (DRG) continues to take on water and sink, Lew continues to double down on stupid, until he's booting people who are complaining about the number of people he's booting.

Southwest Washington Opinions aren't allowed, unless those opinions conform to the groupthink of Lew Waters.  You are not allowed to express an opinion that casts a shadow on the already disreputable CCRP chairman.

First Lew claims the group was established to discuss "other issues."  However, a careful examination of the group charter doesn't reveal what issues are or aren't acceptable to discuss.  By the name, Southwest Washington Opinions are, well, opinions.  And it seems everybody has an opinion on the admitted drug use of CCRP chair David Gellatly, but those are verboten, because it's embarrassing to Lew for having backed such a loser..

Then Lew characterizes DRG's admitted drug use as a "gimmick" to force him to step aside.  Is there no depth of the swamp that Lew will not go to fly his flag?  How about all the "gimmicks" that Lew used to discredit David Madore?  Madore did nothing to deserve the vitriol that Lew published on a daily basis about him, but Lew's Establishment poster child pops positive for Coke, Methamphetamines and Methadone, and  Lew just airily dismisses it as a "gimmick."  The only reason this slimy swamp dweller is still in position as the CCRP chair is because of hypocritical low-lifes like Lew Waters who will go to any length to preserve their power, even if it means supporting an admitted drug user.

Lew feels that the discussion is slipping out of control and, unable to defend his absurd position, he goes on the attack, falling victim to the Tu Quoque logical fallacy: He avoided having to engage with criticism by turning it back on the accusers.  Of course, it backfires, because Rick Halle is heavily involved with the issue Lew tries to trip him on.

Flopping around like a gasping bottom feeder, Lew ends his torment, demonstrating again why he will never, ever engage in a discussion on a forum where he doesn't control the microphone. This, old man, is why you're irrelevant, because you will not broker honest and open discussions about issue that people obviously care about.

Back a little ways, Lew has started preemptively enforcing his no criticism rule, shutting down posts and booting people for even mentioning Gellatly:

This is the sum of the post.  No criticism, no opinion expressed in any way.  But Lew is now the thought police, so he knows that Dan Clark was up to no good:


So now we are not even allowed to mention Gellatly, even if there is no criticism, unless our hearts are pure.  And Lew gets to decide whose hearts are pure.

Then Tom weighs in and tries to add a measure of reason to the insanity, and as a result, Lew, in typical fashion, shuts down the conversation.

God bless, Lew, he's just the gift that keeps on giving!

Purges will continue in Southwest Washington Opinions until all opinions conform with the Establishment.

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Swamp Creature Returns

Irish lawyer and politician John Philpot Curran stated that, “The condition upon which God has given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.”  Sadly, the time has come that we have to dust off this blog and again to raise a voice against an irritating little thug in a forum where he doesn't control the narrative.

Lew Waters has been a thin-skinned snowflake for years before the millennials popularized being a snowflake.
Lew gave up his Clark County conservative “news blog” long ago  after his readership tanked and bottomed out with only his inner circle of avid sycophants reading it. You see, the thing about Lew is that he will never engage in a political dialogue on a forum where he doesn’t control the microphone. Lew is genetically incapable of defending his inconsistencies and prejudice in the open market of ideas, so the only means he has of making himself feel good about what he says is to silence all dissenting opinions. Awash in his persecution complex, he brands those who disagree with them as “Brown shirts,” “thugs,” and “Nazis.” The irony of these epithets are completely lost on Lew in his efforts to limit free speech, silence political opponents and ensure that the only message that gets publicity is the one of which he personally approves.

The closing of his blog must have caused Lew a damn near incurable case of political constipation. Ever the junkie, he couldn’t help but get his toe into the water in political discussion groups on social media. Of course, Lew never actually gets involved unless he controls the microphone, but that’s okay, because he and Bill Cismar are establishment butt-buddies from way back, so Bill made him an admin on this group, Southwest Washington Opinions.  Lew found his safe space, where he could pontificate on matters political, pass judgement with Crazy Caroline Crain on who is and isn’t a real Republican, and run interference for the current establishment loser running the Clark County Republican Party.

Lew hides behind the group rule of “No smearing opinions of another member.”  This rule was specifically put in place by Cismar as the David Gellatly protection rule.  Seems the county chairman needs a safe space where he can float his lies without anyone calling him out on his abuses since he was voted in as Chairman.  Cismar specifically said that it doesn’t matter whether what you post is true or not:  if you have a negative opinion about David Gellatly, you are not allowed to post it.  The Group should be renamed, “Southwest Washington Opinions that do not contradict or criticize the Establishment cabal led by David Gellatly.”

You are free to post your opinions on this group, as long as they conform to the opinion of Lew Waters.  Any opinion that Lew finds offensive will be branded as a personal attack and deleted, and the person summarily removed from the group.  If everybody is agreeing, then nobody is thinking, and that’s the way Lew and his fellow swamp dwellers like it.

Lew is a staunch Never-Trumper, because Trump promised to drain the swamp, which would disrupt the ecosystem that Lew enjoys so much, where Republicans do the bidding of Democrats and tell the plebes how life is to be.  Lew is apparently miffed that Trump didn’t clear it with him before he called himself a Republican, because we all know you can’t really be a Republican until Lew Waters and Crazy Carolyn Crain has blessed you.

In the latest revelations of the rapidly descending, impending crash of flight David Gellatly, public records from his divorce show that he admitted in court documents that he has abused cocaine at least twice since he became Chairman of the CCRP.  Of course, Crazy Carolyn Crain claims  that these are spurious allegations thrown around in family court, and not to take them seriously.  Her lobotomy must have damaged her critical thinking skills, since these weren’t allegations, they were admissions on the part of Gellatly, who’s ex-wife expressed surprise at, since she was inclined to keep that part of the divorce a private matter.

Had any of Lew’s enemies – which are legion – had such misbehavior made public, Lew would be at the front of the line, disparaging them, calling for resignations, and telling us how he knew all along that this was a bad egg. If David Madore had taken legal action against the many lies that were published defaming his good name, Lew would have been calling for torches and pitchforks. But Davey is the Establishment, a fellow swamp denizen, and gets Lew’s support and protection.  The Establishment swamp dwellers are hypocritically circling the wagons to protect their own. Ann Donnelly, Crazy Carolyn Crain, Lew Waters, Casey Kostman, Bill Cismar, and the rest of the swamp dwellers (Brent Boger has been strangely quiet) will defend Gellatly no matter how egregious his behavior, because he’s the “right kind” of Republican.

Gellatly’s substance abuse revelations have added to the public concern started by his attempt to stifle uncomfortable questions about his financial irresponsibility with party funds by suing a member of his own party with a SLAPP suit –  thus ruining the lives of a family for merely suggesting that an investigation should be conducted – his reckless tendency to antagonize anyone for the slightest criticism about the party and how he runs it, his purge of elected committee members who disagree with him, and a myriad of other abuses of power and mismanagement.  The drug abuse has been the last straw for many members of his own party who have to now given him the benefit of the doubt.

The outrage expressed against Gellatly has prompted a slough of purges from Lew's group.  Anyone who voices their disgust at Gellatly gets the boot from Lew.  Pretty soon the group will be reduced to Lew's normal circle of sycophants and a bunch of lurkers who probably turned off notifications for the group years ago.  Even if you don't get the boot, discussion will be terminated, as Lew will turn off comments on any posts that don't promise rainbows and sunshine for his cokeheaded boy. Here is an example:

Lew defends his actions by claiming there are more important things to talk about (like impeaching Trump, I should think)

So according to Lew, the fact that the current chairman of the CCRP may have embezzled money from the party, has sued an elected member of the central committee with a SLAPP suit, and has admitted to using illegal drugs multiple times while in office is not relevant, and not worth discussions, and no one is allowed to have opinions about it on a group he manages.  Lew, does any light penetrate into your corner of the swamp at all?

Then, as he is hypocritically prone to do, Lew starts complaining:

Wow.  From the man who does nothing but set absurd standards, this is so ironic.  Lew sets standards of who can and can't be a Republican, who can or can't hold office (Madore), who can or can't have an opinion on a forum he manages.  The guy is a tyrant!  Here's a challenge, Lew: Go defend your  positions in a forum where you don't control the microphone. Go on over to Opinions of Southwest Washington and make some noise, and see how small the few people are who disagree with you. Free speech and vigorous debate are valued there, and if someone gets called names, there are no safe spaces or cry closets.